How Do You Check If The iPhone Battery Is Replaced Or Not?

How Do You Check If The iPhone Battery Is Replaced Or Not?

If you are not sure about your iPhone battery replacement and want to check it, you can visit Apple’s official website to use its tool to identify battery status. You can also verify battery replacement by checking the battery health under the settings app and doing a physical inspection, like looking for mismatched colors or uneven edges. Furthermore, you can check your iPhone’s serial number to check the reality behind its battery replacement.

Ways To Check If The iPhone Battery Is Replaced Or Not

Checking Battery Replacement Status: Step by Step

Visit Apple’s Official Website

The easiest way to check if your iPhone’s battery is replaced is by visiting Apple’s official website. Apple provides an online tool that allows you to verify the status of your battery replacement. So, simply enter the necessary details, and the tool will provide you with the information you need.

Use The Settings App

For a more convenient approach, you can check your battery health directly through the Settings app on your iPhone. For this step, go to “Settings,” then “Battery,” and finally, “Battery Health.” Here, you’ll find detailed information about your battery’s performance, including its maximum capacity and peak performance functionality.

Physical Inspection

If you perform a physical inspection of your iPhone, it can reveal signs of a replaced battery. So, look for irregularities in the battery compartment, such as mismatched colors or uneven edges.

Check Serial Number

The serial number of your iPhone can be a valuable tool in determining the authenticity of its components. Apple’s official website allows you to enter your device’s serial number to check its warranty status and, by extension, the status of its battery.

Why Is Checking iPhone Battery Replacement Status Crucial?

After knowing the ways to verify the iPhone battery replacement, it’s also important to learn why you should check the status of your iPhone’s battery replacement. The battery is the powerhouse of your device, and a genuine Apple battery ensures not only optimal performance but also the longevity of your iPhone. From rapid battery drain to overheating issues, the outcomes can be frustrating and, in some cases, even lead to different types of Phone Damage.

Common Misconceptions About Battery Replacement

Third-Party Service Centers

There is a common misconception that third-party service centers can provide genuine Apple batteries. However, it’s crucial to note that for the best results and to maintain your device’s warranty, it’s recommended to choose Apple’s authorized and reputable iPhone repair service providers.

Impact On Warranty

Some users worry that replacing the battery might void their device warranty. The reality is that if authorized personnel are doing a replacement using genuine Apple parts, your warranty remains intact.

Importance Of Professional Assistance

While there are DIY methods to check your iPhone’s battery replacement, professional assistance is also important. Attempting to replace the battery yourself can result in unforeseen issues. So, you should consider seeking help from reputable and trusted service providers like us at The Gadget Xchange for any battery-related concerns.


So, this was all about how you can check if the iPhone battery is replaced or not. Yet, it’s better to regularly check your iPhone’s battery status as a proactive step to maintain the battery’s health and also to ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your device.


Q1. How often should I check my iPhone’s battery status?

It’s a good practice to check your battery status periodically, especially if you notice any performance issues.

Q2.  Will checking my battery status affect my warranty?

Checking your battery status using Apple’s official tools will not impact your device warranty.

Q3.  Are third-party batteries safe for my iPhone?

You should prioritize using genuine Apple batteries to ensure the safety and performance of your device

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