How to Fix iPhone 14 Overheating Problems

Fix iPhone 14 Overheating Problems

Hello there, iPhone 14 owner! We know it’s not unusual for your high-maintenance companion to get a little hot under the hood. This is especially true if you’re running demanding apps or gaming for hours. But if your iPhone 14 is starting to feel like a pocket-sized heater, it’s time to address those issues. Overheating is a major concern that arises among every other type of tech device. It can indicate underlying issues. In this blog, curated by Mobile Phone Repair Shop, we’ll show you how to fix iPhone 14 overheating problems and how to cool things down and keep your device running smoothly.

Here’s Everything You Need to Try to Fix iPhone 14 Overheating Problems

If you’re wondering how to fix your iPhone 14’s overheating problems, you’re at the right place. Follow these steps to make the flaming device feel better!

Software Updates

Before you start panicking, let’s begin with something simple: checking for software updates. Apple frequently releases updates that include bug fixes and performance enhancements. These updates can address overheating issues caused by software glitches. Follow the following steps to look for software updates:

  • Find the ‘settings’: Tap on the Settings app on your iPhone 14. 
  • Tap on ‘general’: Venture down and tap on “General.” 
  • Select ‘software update’: If an update is ready, you’ll see a notification here. Tap “Software Update” to download and install the latest version. 
  • Follow what your phone tells you to do: Your phone will take you through the update process. Ensure your device is connected to Wi-Fi and has adequate battery life.

Close Apps Running In The Background

Oftentimes, the leading cause of iPhone 14 overheating problems is the apps that run in the background. Swipe away all apps you’re not using and give your iPhone 14 a much-needed rest.

Reduce Multi-Tasking

No need to use a gazillion apps at once! Don’t do that to your phone! Reduce the load on your iPhone 14 by closing all graphics-intensive apps and games.

Turn Off the Background App Refresh

It’s a feature you can find on the iPhone. When you go to “Settings”, you’ll see “General”. Tap on “General” > “Background App Refresh” and toggle off apps that don’t need to refresh in the background. This reduces CPU usage.

Disable Location Services

Some apps keep access to your location at all times. It can contribute to overheating problems on an iPhone 14. Venture to “Privacy” > “Location Services” and choose which apps should have access.


And there you have it! A reliable and comprehensive guide on how to fix iPhone 14 overheating problems. You can rest assured that overheating doesn’t need to be a headache. By keeping your software up to date, managing your apps and usage, and taking steps to prevent extreme temperatures, you can help keep your device running at a comfortable temperature. If issues persist, don’t hesitate to seek repair services from a reputable mobile phone repair shop. Your iPhone should be cool, not flaming!


  • If I leave my phone in a hot car, will it cause overheating issues to my phone?

Yes, it will. Extreme temperatures, both hot and cold, can cause overheating issues. Try not to expose your iPhone 14 to direct sunlight and extreme heat.

  • What if I follow your guide and my iPhone 14 still overheats?

If it still overheats, there could be something else wrong with it. You can contact Apple support or visit an Apple Store to get it checked professionally. 

  • If I use a non-Apple charger, will my phone overheat?

Yes, using a non-Apple charger will cause overheating issues in the long run. It’s better to stick to Apple-certified accessories to ensure your iPhone 14 charges efficiently and safely.

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