How To Maintain Battery Health iPhone 14 Pro Max

How To Maintain Battery Health iPhone 14 Pro Max

When your iPhone 14 Pro Max battery starts acting up, implement these effective ways. For example, don’t overcharge it, use original chargers, switch off the always-on display, and turn off push notifications and location services. Updating software, using battery-saving apps, refreshing background apps, and closing unused apps can also help maintain battery health. 

Furthermore, you can enable low-power mode, turn off auto-brightness, avoid temperature extremes, and switch off unnecessary features to further preserve its battery life.

Tips to Maintain Battery Health In The iPhone 14 Pro Max?

Here are some practical and simple steps by experts to improve the battery health of the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

1. Don’t Overcharge

One common misunderstanding is that leaving your iPhone plugged in overnight is harmless. However, continuously overcharging can have detrimental outcomes for your battery’s lifespan. So. to preserve the health of your iPhone 14 Pro Max battery, try and unplug it as soon as it reaches a complete charge.

2. Use Original Chargers

The charger that comes with your iPhone is specifically designed for it. Using third-party chargers will provide a different performance and could doubtlessly damage your battery. That’s why stick to the original charger to ensure top-rated performance.

3. Switch Off The Always-On Display

While the always-on Display function is convenient, it is able to take a toll on your battery life. So, consider turning it off to save power, especially when you don’t want continual visibility of the time or notifications.

4. Disable Push Notifications And Location Services

Constant notifications and location tracking can drain your battery quicker than you recognize. Review and restrict the apps that send push notifications and access your location. This step not only saves battery but also increases your privacy.

5. Update Software

Software updates often have optimizations and upgrades that can increase battery efficiency. Keeping your iPhone’s software updated to take advantage of these improvements can ensure the efficient functioning of your tool.

5. Utilize Battery-Saving Apps

Numerous apps can help you monitor and preserve battery life. For this, explore reputable battery-saving apps available in the App Store to get insights into your usage patterns and receive personalized suggestions on maintaining battery health.

6. Refresh Background Apps

Apps running in the background can contribute to battery drain. So, periodically refresh or close these background apps to make sure they’re not consuming power when you are not using them.

7. Close Unused Apps

Multitasking is a superb feature; however, having several apps open at the same time can pressure your battery. So, close apps you’re not actively using to prevent unnecessary power consumption.

8. Enable Low-Power Mode

When your battery is running low, or you need to save its power, enable the “Low-Power Mode.” This feature adjusts settings like mail fetch, visual effects, and automatic downloads to increase battery life until you can recharge.

9. Turn Off Auto-Brightness

Auto-brightness adjusts your display according to surrounding light, which can be stressful on the battery. Thus, manually adjust your screen brightness or switch off auto-brightness to store the battery.

10. Say No To Temperature Extremes

Extreme temperatures, whether too warm or too cold, can impact the battery’s overall performance. That’s why avoid exposing your iPhone 14 Pro Max to temperature extremes to maintain the battery health.

11. Switch Off Unnecessary Features

Your iPhone 14 Pro Max comes with a wide range of features. However, you don’t need them all simultaneously. So, turn off useless functions like AirDrop, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi when you’re not using them to preserve battery.

12. Seeking Professional Assistance?

Sometimes, the battery of your iPhone 14 Pro Max can require expert help. Hence, for a repair or replacement of the battery, get in touch with The The Gadget Xchange for professional assistance. Our knowledgeable technicians can identify and fix all battery problems with any kind of iPhone model and provide you with a complete solution.


In a world that revolves around consistent connectivity, maintaining your iPhone 14 Pro Max’s battery health is essential to prevent you from costly iPhone repair services. Following these easy guidelines to maintain battery health in the iPhone 14 Pro Max? can go a long way in preserving the life of your iPhone’s battery.


Q1. Can You Use Any Charger For Your iPhone 14 Pro Max?

Although third-party chargers can also charge your iPhone, you should use the original charger that comes with your iPhone to ensure high-quality overall performance and battery health.

Q2. Why Should You Disable Push Notifications And Location Services?

These features can cause the battery to drain faster. Disabling them for non-essential apps can assist in conserving battery life.

Q3. How Often Should You Update Your iPhone’s Software?

Check for software updates and regularly install them, as they include optimizations for higher battery performance.

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