How To Stop A Cracked Phone Screen from Spreading?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore expert techniques and tips on how to stop a cracked phone screen from spreading:

  • Apply a high-quality tempered glass screen protector
  • Invest in a durable phone case with shock-absorbing features
  • Handle your phone with care, avoiding excessive pressure or bending
  • Utilize DIY repair kits for prompt damage mitigation
  • Seek professional repair services like The The Gadget Xchange  for extensive or irreparable damage

Following these steps, you can protect your smartphone from further harm and preserve its usability and aesthetics for years. Let’s dig into the blog and learn more!

Why Is It Bad to Have A Cracked Phone Screen?

It’s essential to understand the ramifications of a cracked phone screen. While the initial crack may seem inconsequential, it can worsen over time, leading to several undesirable outcomes, including:

  • Touchscreen Malfunction: Cracks on the screen can interfere with touch sensitivity, making it challenging to navigate the device efficiently.
  • Water Damage Vulnerability: A cracked screen increases the risk of water damage to your phone. Even minimal exposure to moisture can harm internal components. It’s crucial to act quickly, including attempting to recover a phone screen from water damage, to prevent irreversible damage.
  • Increased Risk of Injury: Sharp edges resulting from a cracked screen pose a safety hazard, increasing the likelihood of cuts or injuries to the user’s fingers.
  • Diminished Resale Value: A damaged screen significantly reduces the phone’s resale value, making it less appealing to potential buyers.

Given these adverse consequences, taking proactive measures to halt the spread of a cracked phone screen is imperative.

5 Strategies to Fix Phone Screen Damage

1. Apply a Screen Protector

One of the most effective ways to prevent a cracked screen from worsening, as well as to check screen damage, is by applying a tempered glass screen protector. These thin, transparent sheets adhere to the phone’s display, protecting against impacts and scratches. In a fall or collision, the screen protector absorbs the shock, minimizing the risk of damage to the underlying screen.

When selecting a screen protector, opt for high-quality tempered glass variants with a hardness rating of 9H or above for optimal durability and scratch resistance. Ensure proper alignment during installation to cover the entire screen surface and prevent dust or debris from accumulating along the edges.

2. Invest in a Sturdy Phone Case

A durable phone case acts as a protective shield, safeguarding the device from accidental drops or impacts. Look for cases constructed from robust materials such as polycarbonate, thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), or hybrid combinations for enhanced shock absorption capabilities.

Additionally, opt for cases with raised edges or reinforced corners to provide ample cushioning and prevent direct contact between the screen and flat surfaces when placed face down. Consider choosing a rugged, military-grade case for maximum protection, especially if you lead an active lifestyle or work in demanding environments.

3. Avoid Excessive Pressure or Bending

Handle your phone carefully and avoid applying excessive pressure or bending the device, particularly around the area of the cracked screen. Please refrain from carrying your phone in tight pockets where it may undergo bending forces, as this can exacerbate the existing damage and lead to further cracks.

When cleaning the screen or performing maintenance tasks, use gentle, non-abrasive microfiber cloths and avoid using sharp objects or abrasive cleaners that could cause additional scratches or abrasions. Exercise caution when inserting or removing the phone from tight-fitting cases or pockets to prevent accidental flexing or twisting.

4. Utilize DIY Repair Kits

If you notice a small crack or chip on your phone’s screen, consider using a DIY repair kit to address the damage promptly. These kits typically include specialized tools and materials such as clear adhesive resin and curing strips, allowing you to fill the crack and restore structural integrity.

Before attempting any repairs, thoroughly clean the cracked area with isopropyl alcohol and ensure the surface is dry and debris-free. Follow the instructions with the repair kit carefully, applying the adhesive resin evenly and using UV light or sunlight to cure the resin and create a seamless finish.

5. Seek Professional Repair Services:

In cases where the damage is extensive or beyond DIY repair capabilities, it’s advisable to seek professional assistance from certified technicians or reputable repair shops like The The Gadget Xchange. Experienced technicians have the expertise and specialized equipment to accurately assess the extent of the damage and perform precision repairs or screen replacements.

Before entrusting your phone to a repair service, research customer reviews and verify the technician’s credentials to ensure quality workmanship and reliable service, especially if you’re dealing with various types of screen damages. Inquire about warranty coverage and post-repair support options to safeguard your investment and address any concerns or issues that may arise following the repair process.

How do I stop a crack in my phone screen from spreading?

Use packing tape. Cut a tiny piece of packing tape and apply it over the cracks.
Use superglue.
Replace the screen yourself.
Instruct the manufacturer to repair it.
Request that your cell carrier address the issue.
Please take it to the repair shop.
Trade in your phone.

How do I temporarily fix my cracked phone screen?

Sticker shields may be used as a temporary remedy for shattered phone screens. The Sticker Shield fix will shield your fingers from broken glass while protecting the device’s internal components from dust, filth, and moisture.

How do I stop my phone from getting worse when cracked?

Get a screen protector and case to prevent cracks from growing worse. Screen protectors are tiny plastic pieces that adhere to your phone’s screen. They prevent scrapes and cracks from becoming worse. They also keep dust and grime out of your phone’s cracks, which may exacerbate them.


A cracked phone screen can disrupt your daily routine and compromise the functionality and aesthetics of your device. By implementing proactive measures and following expert recommendations, you can effectively prevent the spread of screen damage and prolong the lifespan of your smartphone. From applying screen protectors and investing in sturdy cases to exercising caution during handling and seeking professional repair services at your local phone repair shop like The The Gadget Xchange when needed, prioritizing screen protection is vital to preserving the integrity and usability of your device.

At The Gadget Xchange, we offer fast and reliable electronics gadget repair services for all brands and models. We use only top-grade parts and have skilled, friendly technicians. 

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