Ways To Fix An iPad Cracked Screen That Still Works?

Dropped your iPad on a hard surface and now the screen’s damaged? Thinking of ways to fix it, but don’t know what to do? If yes, this is the blog you’re looking for! There are many different types of cracked screens (that still work) on an iPad. Let’s learn about the types and how to fix it. 

4 Types of iPad-Cracked Screens That Are Still Functional 

1. The Chipped End Or A Tiny Crack

For hairline cracks, which are often barely visible and typically found in the iPad’s corners, measuring between half an inch, they are generally not harmful and do not impact regular iPad functions. While the cause of these cracks may be unclear, it is usually best to leave them alone if they are not interfering with device performance. However, it’s crucial to handle the device with care and keep a watchful eye on these cracks. If you haven’t already, applying a glass screen protector is advisable at this point to provide an additional layer of protection and prevent further damage.

2. Cracks With Spider Legs/ Spreading Cracks

A fall can cause cracks in your iPad to expand. Even with the intact visibility and touch, utilising them is still upsetting. In this case, it is best to assess your options and decide against replacing the screen. While going to repair companies won’t assure you, replacing an iPad screen will come with a significant price tag. Make an informed decision since it’s preferable to leave these cracks alone.

3. Cracks Spread From One End Of The Screen To Another

Large fractures like this typically go deep and provide obstacles when using your iPad. Changing your iPad screen is the best option since they produce obstructions, and the 3D touch experience is not the same.

4. Cracks In Spider Webs

These are the worst cracks that keep spreading and interfering with touchscreen functionality. It’s time to consider getting a new screen if your touch screen stops responding to your fingertips. After learning all the main types of iPad screen cracks, it is time to learn what the available options are if one wants to fix an iPad that is still working with a cracked screen. Let’s examine them now. 

3 Tips To Fix A Cracked iPad Screen 

When your iPad screen is damaged, it is time to consider the following options:

1. Do It Yourself (DIY)

Do not panic if you accidentally drop your iPad face down. You may change the screen on your own as well. This is only a choice for skilled persons. DIY kits are available on the market if you’re mechanically inclined and want to give it a go. You can attempt it and fix a working iPad with a cracked screen at your own risk by viewing their instruction.

2. Visit The Manufacturer’s Customer Care Center

When dealing with a cracked iPad screen without replacing it, it’s advisable to contact the Apple Service Center promptly to explore available alternatives for fixing the issue. It’s important to note that the original one-year warranty and Apple Care typically do not cover accidental damages. However, if you have purchased Apple Care Plus, accidental damages may be covered twice a year for a nominal fee. In cases without coverage, repairs at the Apple service facility can incur significant costs. Exploring your options with the Apple Service Center will help you determine the most suitable solution for addressing a cracked iPad screen without necessarily having to replace the entire device.

3. Contact Third-Party Repair Shops

For affordable and reliable iPad repair services, consider reaching out to reputable shops like The The Gadget Xchange. Choose a trustworthy store that uses genuine replacement components and provides a service guarantee for peace of mind.

4 Tips To Avoid iPad Screen Damage

Here are some preventive tips that can help you far more to avoid iPad cracked screen problems:

1.Invest in a high-quality screen protector

2. Use a protective case or cover

3. Clean the screen properly with a microfiber cloth

4. Avoid excessive pressure 

To ensure that your iPad lasts a long time and you have a positive experience using it, you must protect its screen. Implement these above-mentioned suggestions into your everyday routine to avoid iPad cracked screen issues while it’s working right. Remember that a well-working screen increases the worth and usefulness of your iPad, guaranteeing that it will continue to be a trustworthy partner in your personal and professional life.

What will damage the iPad screen?

The iPad’s front is glass with an oleophobic (oil-repellent) coating to prevent fingerprints. Normal usage over time causes this coating to wear. Glass may get scratched, and the coating will be further reduced by using abrasive materials and cleaning chemicals.

How do I protect my iPad screen from cracking?

The screen protector will provide significant damage protection, increasing resistance to impact damage. If the iPad screen breaks, AppleCare+ can help to prevent a complete loss or an expensive repair.

How do I stop my iPad screen crack from spreading?

Put in a temporary seal. Tilt the device back and forth when applying the temporary seal “Cyanoacrylate” to ensure correct application. Once the seal is placed evenly, just wipe off any leftover compound.

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